61 Freshly Found 17th Birthday Outfits (2024)

Inside: Perfect outfits for your 17th birthday that you’re going to love to wear while celebrating your birthday.

Being 17 is so sweet. Okay, maybe that’s technically 16, but 17 is the best year of your teens! You’re the top of the totem pole without all of the adult responsibilities.

There’s a magazine literally called Seventeen, and not to mention it’s the year of the dancing queen according to ABBA! So don’t let this year pass you by without dancing to Dancing Queen at least a hundred times.

If you’re ready to be 17 and just need the perfect outfit to celebrate in, here are PERFECT 17th birthday outfits for you! Whatever your vibe is, your party is, or how you plan to celebrate, you’re going to have the best outfit.

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Being the center of attention on your birthday is what it’s all about, so get ready to catch the attention of anyone and everyone in these 17th birthday outfits!

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What To Wear For Your 17th Birthday

It’s time for all eyes to be on you! Don’t trip, we all want attention on our birthday, so the spotlight is naturally yours today! You’re going to have all eyes on you regardless of what you wear. But you want to look 110% for it anyway!

This all depends on the season of year and your personal style.

Party outfits are always so much easier in the summer, because you can make just about anything work! A crop top, a dress, jeans, skirts, boots… The world is your oyster for summer party clothes.

Fall and winter are a little trickier because you have to play with layers to make it all work together and to stay warm. There are still a ton of amazing outfit ideas for fall, you just have to work a little harder to make it perfect.

Personal style plays a factor because the typical birthday girl style is very pretty in pink, girly, and the works. But if that’s not you, replace girly with edgy and pink with black and that’s the perfect birthday style as well. While we’re all celebrating you, you need to be yourself still too!

So play with all the factors and you’ll find the best outfit for your 17th birthday!

Best Shoe Options

Shoes can make or break your evening, for real. Of course we always want to love our outfits all the way down to our shoes! But if you’re not entirely comfortable, it’s going to put a little damper on your party. And you don’t want that.

So your shoes will obviously majorly depend on your outfit you choose, but we can kind of start to look at some different options, pre-outfit.

If you go with a party dress, you’re naturally going to want to think about some heels, but consider something a little more sustainable like wedges or kitten heels as opposed to your prom pumps! You want to enjoy the night without limping by the end of it!

Good news is, it’s still super trendy to rock sneakers with a party dress, jeans, anything you could possibly get to wear for your birthday! So worst case, a brand new pair of platform converse would do just the trick.

Like these!

If you have a pair of killer heels that don’t kill you, go for it! You will look incredible. But if you’re not sure, don’t risk it, and enjoy the party a couple inches closer to the ground.

Outfit Theme Ideas

Sending out a dress code to your besties may feel a little extreme, but it also makes for fun pictures with the gang! If you have a color scheme you want to go by that matches the party or a specific vibe, as long as it doesn’t require everyone making a trip to the mall or a massive online shopping haul, it’s a fun idea!

Again, this can make for a super fun photo-op, so here are some outfit theme ideas!

Y2K: Dress like the year you were born! This is fun because since it’s so on trend, everyone probably has the outfits for it but add in the hairstyles, extra beaded necklaces, and a prop flip phone, and you’ve got a themed outfit!

Groovy: Give the world your best Mamma Mia moment, dressing like Donna and the Dynamos for your ABBA year! If you’ve already got a pretty hippie style, this is easy. Flares, gogo boots, and anything funky and colorful!

Sunset Colors: If you’re a color loving gal, and if you especially love pink, coordinate with your friends to make the stunning colors of the sunset with your outfits! Orange, yellow, and pink all together make a stunning group of friends!

White Out: Have everyone wear their best all white outfit and have a white out birthday! This is so fun when the decor and party accessories (hats, boas, beaded necklaces) are colored so it all pops with the stunning white dresses and outfits! The photobooth pictures are going to be killer.

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Outfit Ideas

It’s time to pull together your ideas for an outfit for your 17th birthday! It’s going to be perfect no matter what you wear, but again, we always are in better moods when we like our outfits!

Find an outfit that matches your personal style that’s going to express who you are at 17, and rock it!

  1. Sheer Top
  2. Custom Denim Jacket
  3. Feather Top
  4. Feather Details
  5. Blazer Dress
  6. Tulle Corset
  7. Leather Pants
  8. White Romper
  9. Black Romper


  1. Silver
  2. White Silk Mini
  3. One Shoulder White Dress
  4. Pink Silk
  5. Lots Of Tulle
  6. Puff Sleeves

61 Freshly Found 17th Birthday Outfits (3)


Again, summer is the easiest time to dress for a party! Warm weather welcomes our favorite crop top! So here are some dresses and different outfit combinations that will keep you cool and keep you looking cool all birthday long.

  1. Casual Cute
  2. Tee And Leather Skirt
  3. Blue And White Florals
  4. Cutout Dress
  5. Oversized Button Up
  6. Smocked Corset
  7. All White
  8. Scarf Crop Top


  1. Cute Workout Dress
  2. Colored Boots
  3. Colored Set
  4. White Linens
  5. Ribbed
  6. Suit Set
  7. Cool Pants

61 Freshly Found 17th Birthday Outfits (4)

Fall Outfits

Fall outfits are so cute and cozy! If you’re looking for a good fall outfit for your 17th birthday, playing with layers can be tricky, but it can also play to your advantage!

Layering a really extra coat or a fun sweater to add something more to the outfit is a fun little advantage you have in the fall that you don’t have in the summer!

  1. Brown Bodycon
  2. Deep V
  3. Feather Sleeves
  4. Ruffles And Leather
  5. Ruched Dress Layered
  6. Sweater And Cowboy Boots
  7. Interesting Leather Jackets
  8. Long Sleeve Bodycon
  9. Sweater And Blazer
  10. Gold Pants
  11. Glitter Blazer
  12. Sequin Dress
  13. Wrap Top
  14. Trench


Our baddies out there usually have a little bit of a different idea than pink and glitter for a birthday outfit! If you’re thinking denim, leather, neon, bodycon… These baddie outfit ideas are for you!

  1. Halter Top
  2. Sporty
  3. Leather Leggings
  4. Brown On Brown
  5. Green Wrap Top
  6. Sequin Set
  7. Tee Shirt
  8. Pink Leather Pants
  9. Statement Colors

Baddie Dresses

  1. Silk Wrap
  2. Blue Puff Sleeve Dress
  3. Pink Bondage
  4. Black Ruffles
  5. Wrap Button Up Dress
  6. Pink Bow

Your 17th better be one for the books! And I know it will be. But what’s part of making it so iconic? Your outfit of course! I hope you found the dream 17th birthday outfit and you’ve already ordered the pieces to make it your reality!

Whether you’re kicking it back or going all out, this is going to be the best birthday yet, so let the good times roll. Just get with your besties and you’re going to have a great time regardless of the actual plans on the table.

by Victoria Hudgins

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61 Freshly Found 17th Birthday Outfits (2024)


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